Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i made it to japan all by myself. im alive, and i havent been suspected of terrorism even though i have hand cream in my bag. naughty naughty girl that i am.

charles de gualle airport sucks ass

you are only allowed through to the gate if you are going on the plane, which meant that tom and i sat out in the check in area til i needed to go in, which meant by the time i got there my name was on a sign saying they were looking for me. and cos i was late i didnt get my window seat, i got a leftover seat between two ladies who thankfully/annoyingly slept the whole flight. thankfully, because they stayed still and quiet. annoyingly because i couldnt sleep at all.

i was in an exit row which meant i had nothing in front of me. while i thought this was good at first, it meant i had nothing to rest my legs on and was extremelly uncomfortable the whole flight. i even tried sitting on the ground with my head on the chair but it was the wrong shape and height

i cant wait to sleep in my bed

thankyou to everyone who has commented or emailed since ive been away, and thankyou to kirsty for looking after my kitties. they love you. they really do.

its 3 oclock. my plane doesnt leave til 8. im hungry, and upon looking in the cafes, i really should have stocked up before i left

oh well, toast is but 12 hours away

Monday, August 21, 2006

home time

i'll be on a plane in a few hours

and i'll be home again

love from mummy


Friday, August 18, 2006


so, tom and i had an arguement this morning (surprise surprise) and instead of staying around to argue some more about it, i left and hopped on a train and have spent the day wandering london. at the moment i am in southwark, apparently 10 minutes walk from where i need to meet germain later. i really hope thats true because ive walked a hell of a lot today and my legs are hurties.
i went to camden first. what the hell!?!?! there's no linky thing on this screen. stupid.


i found lots of things that i liked, but everything was expensive, of course. i bought the boys a union jack singlet so they can be tim brooke taylor. they didnt sell boxers in their size.

let me explain expensive. i bought an iced coffee and a citrus tart from starbucks for £3.85. that in itself is not expensive, its easy to think of it as $3.85 and think, thats actually quite cheap. but when you translate that into dollars you have to times it by about 2 and a half which makes my coffee and cake about $10. see how i cant justify buying anything?

after the camden markets i got on the underground and went to trafalgar square to see the big lions. they were liony.

and then i went back to london bridge, found a nice food market, follwed a sign for about half an hour to an antiques market that was already packed up, and now im in the southwark library with 11 minutes on internet time to spare. library friends...ours is better, dont worry.

sandi, im talking to you. we need to join a salsa group. i went to salsa night last night and if there is ever a place for you to meet someone, its there.

kirsty, thankyou for looking after my cats, they love you and think you have nice hair which is exactly the same way i feel about you too

everyone else, hi, and i'll see you soon.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


i'm in london at the moment after catching the ferry from calais to dover. it smells here and its really dirty. we're staying with toms friend germain until sunday and then back to toms and back to adelaide.
depending on what time i get back to paris, you might have to wait for new photos until after i get back

what i can say right now though, is that london is really expensive, although it is free to use the toilet

Monday, August 14, 2006

when in rome

or germany....

i think i shall start this off with a series of photographs of the places i have slept in the past 10 or so days

some places may look familiar to certain people who may or may not have recieved sms messages in the middle of my night. my neck and shoulder find them achingly familiar.

notice the cow with the ray of light beaming down on it? this cow was not at all pleased with our presence, particularly in the morning. it was as if she went to sleep, thinking she'd imagined us, and then woke up to find that it was not, in fact, a bad dream, and that we were still very much in the next paddock from her. she bellowed her dislike for us, and we left soon after.

the night before i left for france i asked someone if it would have been different, had i enjoyed camping or at least pretended to. i knew the answer was no when i asked, and now im even more certain that the answer would still be no, and also that im not that good at pretending

andys hoeve was in the in france...or germany....or the netherlands.....maybe belgium? could have been ireland for all we knew. what i did know for sure was that andy had about 15 roosters and all of them liked to call out, one after the other, from about 3am onwards. there were a couple of good ones, and then one that went something like 'cock a doodlrelelerr...rrr...b' you know, that sort of sound. there was also one that stopped halfway through every time.
it was on this night that i dreamed i was looking for a vase frog for my mum, and that i found a really nice blue one, but then ghalyas brother told me i couldnt walk somewhere and then i found out that our play was the highest ticket seller on that night, and then it was my cue and id forgotten all my speaking lines, only remembering the songs i had to sing.

i didnt sleep well

now, ill try and blog something in some sort of order

actually, no i wont because even though i slept for 12 hours last night, ive just been over come by a wave of extreme tiredness. instead, i will leave you with this and go have a lay down

OR apparently i wont because ive tried three times to upload a photo of two poodles and a poster of a rooster with emo coming out of its bum

you'll just have to imagine it

ps, camera=all fixed

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

theres a place in the world where you can drive around in circles for about 10 minutes. at any given time you could be in germany, belgium or the netherlands.
tom and i slept there sunday night.

today, i am blogging from bernies in germany. his place is really cool.

what is not cool is that i plugged my camera in to his computer to transfer my photos, after recharging the batteries, and now my camera doesnt work at all


last night it wash flashing that the batteries were flat, so i charged them over night, and now nothing

also, this morning i was woken by a call fom eli´s school ,saying he´d hurt himself, and was it possible for me to come pick him up.
no, it wasnt really possible, no

stupid camera

Thursday, August 03, 2006

tomorrow tom and i are leaving for germany. we plan to drive through luxemborg on the way there, see bernie and as many of the germans as we can, go back through belgium so i can eat the most amazing waffles in the world in brouge, and then travel along the coast of france, stopping wherever we like, until we get to st malo on the 12th of august so i can see belle and sebastien and the pipettes at la route du rock

then we'll be driving back up the coast to calais and hopping on the ferry to dover in england where we should hopefully catch up with some of toms uni friends, and if we have time, we might even go to scotland to see ben and raechel who are looking after a castle.

looking after a castle, yep

ferrying back on the 20th so i can catch the plane back the next day, i should be touching down in adelaide airport on the 24th at about lunch time.


im so hungry im considering walking to the macdonalds. people dont eat dinner here until stupid times like 930/10 oclock and im starving by then and just want to go to sleep. im such an old lady