Friday, August 18, 2006


so, tom and i had an arguement this morning (surprise surprise) and instead of staying around to argue some more about it, i left and hopped on a train and have spent the day wandering london. at the moment i am in southwark, apparently 10 minutes walk from where i need to meet germain later. i really hope thats true because ive walked a hell of a lot today and my legs are hurties.
i went to camden first. what the hell!?!?! there's no linky thing on this screen. stupid.

i found lots of things that i liked, but everything was expensive, of course. i bought the boys a union jack singlet so they can be tim brooke taylor. they didnt sell boxers in their size.

let me explain expensive. i bought an iced coffee and a citrus tart from starbucks for £3.85. that in itself is not expensive, its easy to think of it as $3.85 and think, thats actually quite cheap. but when you translate that into dollars you have to times it by about 2 and a half which makes my coffee and cake about $10. see how i cant justify buying anything?

after the camden markets i got on the underground and went to trafalgar square to see the big lions. they were liony.

and then i went back to london bridge, found a nice food market, follwed a sign for about half an hour to an antiques market that was already packed up, and now im in the southwark library with 11 minutes on internet time to spare. library friends...ours is better, dont worry.

sandi, im talking to you. we need to join a salsa group. i went to salsa night last night and if there is ever a place for you to meet someone, its there.

kirsty, thankyou for looking after my cats, they love you and think you have nice hair which is exactly the same way i feel about you too

everyone else, hi, and i'll see you soon.


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