Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i made it to japan all by myself. im alive, and i havent been suspected of terrorism even though i have hand cream in my bag. naughty naughty girl that i am.

charles de gualle airport sucks ass

you are only allowed through to the gate if you are going on the plane, which meant that tom and i sat out in the check in area til i needed to go in, which meant by the time i got there my name was on a sign saying they were looking for me. and cos i was late i didnt get my window seat, i got a leftover seat between two ladies who thankfully/annoyingly slept the whole flight. thankfully, because they stayed still and quiet. annoyingly because i couldnt sleep at all.

i was in an exit row which meant i had nothing in front of me. while i thought this was good at first, it meant i had nothing to rest my legs on and was extremelly uncomfortable the whole flight. i even tried sitting on the ground with my head on the chair but it was the wrong shape and height

i cant wait to sleep in my bed

thankyou to everyone who has commented or emailed since ive been away, and thankyou to kirsty for looking after my kitties. they love you. they really do.

its 3 oclock. my plane doesnt leave til 8. im hungry, and upon looking in the cafes, i really should have stocked up before i left

oh well, toast is but 12 hours away

Anonymous Tom said...

Yeah, Charles De Gaulle Airport sucks!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006  
Anonymous jenny said...

we will miss you Tom. thank you for looking after her but we are glad that our little girl is home. xxxxx

Saturday, August 26, 2006  
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